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Justice Minister Delroy Chuck (File photo)

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In one fell swoop, approximately 30,000 Jamaican public sector workers will no longer be required to file statutory declarations with the Integrity Commission (IC) beginning in 2024.

The development follows the approval of an order by the Parliament on Tuesday that moved the threshold for submission from $3.5 million to $12 million. The order was approved following a resolution moved by Justice Minister Delroy Chuck.

The Parliament had signalled two months ago that it was minded to accept the recommendation of the IC to significantly increase the threshold. Already struggling to process the number of declarants each year, the IC’s Director of Information and Complaints, Craig Beresford, told members of the IC Oversight Committee in September that the number of declarants would be increased sharply following the significant salary increases granted to public sector workers earlier this year.

The commission had informed that the increased threshold meant approximately 10,000 public employees would now be required to submit their statutory declarations. At the lower salary ranges, more than 40,000 public servants made filings for the period ended December 31, 2021.

Opposition Leader Mark Golding asked Chuck about the categories of workers whose salaries are below $12 million but would still be required to file. Those employees are deemed likely to be more vulnerable to influences.

Not wanting any delay, the justice minster promised to respond to Golding’s query at a later sitting of the House of Representatives, stating that he did not have the information that was requested.

“What I would indicate is that the information would be forthcoming, but what is important is for us to approve this resolution so that persons who are under $12 million won’t have to file for next year,” Chuck said.

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