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Sound Off Saturday: Sharing your phone’s password with your partner (Video: Ramon Lindsay)

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The issue of personal space and privacy in relationships is a topic people should consider discussing prior to becoming a couple.

If for no other reason, at least none of the individuals can say he or she does not know his or her partner’s stance on privacy.

Some people treat their cellular phones as extensions of themselves.

Over the years, as phones became more commonplace, there have been some unofficial rules as to how cell phones are “treated” in relationships to prevent feelings from being hurt or worse.

Some people believe some things are better kept private, while others believe sharing passwords to each other’s phone is the pinnacle of trust in a relationship.

Kip Rich, who penned the tune ‘Telephone Thing’, said it best in the song:

Mi put a lock pon mi phone and nah tell yuh my pin numba

Cau weh nuh see nuh hurt

Yuh tell mi yuh beg mi a call weh yuh gone search di phone fah

So Loop News visited Portmore in St Catherine and asked: Do you expect your partner to share their phone’s password with you, and would you do the same?

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