Spice Drops Diss Song “2085 Tea” Exposed Danger and Macka Diamond

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Dancehall artist Spice is revelling in the success of her new song amid speculations that the track is directed at her former dancer, DHQ Danger.

The track “2085 Tea” has caused much anger among some critics of Spice, including dancer Danger who called out Spice for making light of her accusation that she was raped by Spice’s baby father, Nicholas Lall, years ago.

The track has not named anyone, but Spice has previously denied knowing of the allegation, and Lall has also denied raping Danger.

“Memba me never send your man come trouble me, memba me deh weh me deh and ya go tell me ‘oh you know wha mi do’. Lady, you nuh know nothing wah me do cause you same one in the hotel night, I don’t figet, the same night when “Indicator” make and we go pan the road with Vershon dem before the man go pan the road, you tell the man don’t bother go drink and drunk and f**k nobody because me a artist and everybody know me,” she said.

She added, “me go dung inna me room and mi inna me room bout mi business and your man come down there come pull door and do what him a do and at the end of the day me tell you that and you ago say how you ‘hear the truth’. You gon tell me you know the truth, what truth? You live off of lies.”

Queen Ifrica and Mr. Vegas also called out Spice for shading Danger, who is allegedly a victim of a sex crime.

In the meantime, Spice also went live to discredit Danger’s claim. While on her Instagram Live, she and a European promoter spoke about Danger’s reaction to a man touching her at an event in which Danger “tump him inna him face”.

Spice asks the promoter to repeat the story as she tries to make a connection to Danger’s strength, that she is strong and could have fought off her alleged rapist.

“She knock him out…she tump down the man, no further questions that’s all. Danger memba we know say you can fight? So like how we make it clear say you can fight, you hear what the man say, you tump down the man flat a ground, the man touch you pan you batty… the man knock out cold cold nearly dead, how you never knock out Kannar? When Kannar come inna the room? Why you never knock out Kannar? Alright you cant knock him out. So why mi never sees any form of nothing after him rape yuh?… I never see any grab up, no hackle up…but the tour was so good for a month,” Spice said, adding that the artist was paid and did not show any feeling or emotion towards Lall or her.

On Sunday, the song climbed several charts at No. 1 worldwide.

“Besties , a this dem hate me fah! ….Look weh the Black botched body girl a do across the world, NO MANAGER, NO RECORD LABEL. One woman against the World. Thank you Jesus continue to remind them that you are Lord…………1 God not 2,” Spice captioned an image claiming the song was now number one in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Switzerland and other countries.

Macka Diamond also addresses her issues with Spice.

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