SRC calls on J’cans to utilise its meat processing services for Xmas Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

With the yuletide season fast approaching, the Scientific Research Council (SRC) is reminding Jamaicans that they have until December 8 to submit cuts of red meat and poultry to the entity’s smoked meat facility for processing.

During the Christmas season, Jamaicans enjoy a variety of meat items, such as picnic ham and smoked chicken.

Against that background, citizens are being urged to take advantage of the meat processing services offered at the SRC’s smoked meat facility, which is located at Hope Gardens in St Andrew.

Speaking in a recent interview with reporters, Acting Manager for the Process Development Division of the SRC, Annaliese Aiken Min, said: “We are closing off our operations a little early to ensure that all of our clients’ submissions can be prepared in time for the holidays.”

The final product, which is already cooked, is to be available within 10 working days after submission.

As a Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP)-certified entity, Aiken Min said the SRC is assuring the public that the meats are prepared safely by experts, and in keeping with international standards.

“We have controls in place to ensure that we properly thaw meat,” she indicated.

Continuing, she said: “We control allergens and microbial contamination, (and) we also cook meats to the required internal temperature.

“So, we have some very thorough checks throughout the process to ensure that we are meeting local and international standards for safe processing and handling of meat,” Aiken Min further stated.

She is also urging citizens to allow the meat to thaw in a refrigerator, then dress and bake it to their liking.

Meanwhile, the acting manager also advised that finished products are available for purchase at the SRC. These are hams, smoked chicken, sausages, bacon, pork chops, ham bone, among other products.