St Catherine councillor calls for cops to silence noisy motorcycles Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

Councillor for the Above Rocks Division in St Catherine, the Jamaica Labour Party’s (JLP) Neil Powell, is calling for noisy motorcycles driving on the nation’s roads to be silenced.

In addressing a recent meeting of the St Catherine Municipal Corporation, Powell upbraided members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) for not doing enough to deal with young persons driving the modified motorcycles which breach the Noise Abatement Act.

“How can we live in a country and a few youngsters just use these machines to annoy the entire country, and we have policemen and women upholding the law and not a God Almighty thing is being done towards it?” Powell asked.

The councillor claimed that even meetings of the St Catherine Municipal Corporation have been disrupted by the noise nuisance caused by the motorcycles.

According to Powell, the continued presence of the noisy motorcycles on the roads highlights the lawlessness across the nation.

Against that background, he is calling on Police Commissioner, Major General Antony Anderson, to move swiftly in dealing with the persistent issue.

“I cannot believe that this is the Jamaica that I have born and grown in… It cannot be!” he indicated.

“The commissioner of police – I only hope to God that he’s listening – do something about it sir! The country is getting lawless,” Powell declared.

“… And this is not something you have to endanger your life to go in a community, man will shoot at you. This is just to stop the noise, and let us live in a more tranquil society. It cannot continue like this,” he insisted.

In recent years, there have been repeated calls from political representatives for greater enforcement of the law relative to noisy motorcycles.

In October of last year, for example, Member of Parliament (MP) for St Mary Central, Dr Morais Guy, implored authorities to take steps to deal with the problem of the excessively loud motorcycles.

“None of us cannot but hear the loud noise that the motorbikes make when they careen around the roads,” he told parliamentarians as he made his then contribution to the State of the Constituency Debate.

The Opposition spokesman on health noted that the noise is due to the removal of the silencers from the muffler of the motorcycles.

“This noise nuisance is one that can be arrested now, and one which the police and Island Traffic Authority (ITA) can intervene in with the appropriate equipment,” Guy stated then.

By November of 2021, members of the JCF’s Public Safety and Traffic Enforcement Branch (PSTEB) conducted operations to clamp down on the owners of such motorcycles in the Half-Way Tree area of St Andrew.

“We are paying attention to the motorcycles with the loud mufflers, as well as those that are unlicensed,” a member of the police team that was carrying out the operation told Loop News then.

In September 2020, a petition was launched urging the Government to ban the popular ‘Yeng Yeng’ motorcycles in Jamaica.

At the time, the petitioner argued, among other things, that the bikes were being used increasingly to commit criminal acts.