Strictly 2K returns to The Rock after US tour | Loop Jamaica

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The long-awaited return of the Caribbean’s top Throwback Music Festival, Strictly 2K, is back in Jamaica, slated for Saturday, May 28.

The popular throwback party returns after spectacular stagings in Atlanta and Miami, Florida, that received rave reviews.

According to the director of 2K Entertainment Shaun Chabal, the team is excited to be back home, and “we’re planning what may be the best staging ever”.

Patrons hit the dancefloor at the recent Miami staging of Strictly 2K. (Photos: Contributed)

“We’re pulling [out] all the stops with this upcoming staging; the biggest deejays from the 2000s, and who knows, maybe even a surprise guest artist performance,” Chabal, more popularly known as Zj Chrome shared.

It’s been a tumultuous two years for the entertainment industry, with Strictly 2K on pause due to COVID-19. Since the restrictions were lifted locally, the entertainment industry is roaring again, which makes the return even more special.

“The pandemic was a difficult time, being away from what we love. We did however execute one Virtual Show which gave us the opportunity to connect with the fans.”

The dance floor heats up at the recent staging of Strictly 2K in Miami, Florida.

“Having gone overseas and collaborated with wonderful minds in the Jamaican Entertainment Diaspora, I can tell you, the feedback mixed with knowledge from the pivot will improve not only the Strictly 2K experience but the Jamaican Entertainment experience. On May 28, patrons should be prepared to go back in time for the Best of the 2000s as we relive arguably the best era in music,” shared Gabrielle Curling, director of Logistics and Event Promotion.

After taking Strictly 2K to Atlanta, Georgia, recently, and receiving rave reviews following a November 2021 staging in Miami, Florida, the next iteration, is, if not, highly anticipated music genre-based experiences in Kingston.

As Strickly 2K bounces back patrons can expect the best of the best with quality musical selections from the 2000s and 2010s era from all genres.