Students being encouraged to participate in Census in Schools Tour Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

The Statistical Institute of Jamaica (STATIN) is encouraging students to participate in its ‘Census in Schools’ programme tour, which got under way on Friday (October 14).

The programme, an initiative of STATIN, is geared towards raising awareness among students about the importance of the Population and Housing Census, so that they can pass on key messages about the national exercise to their parents and other family members.

“When students take home the message of how important the 2022 Census is, they help ensure that their households are counted,” Senior Information/Research Officer at STATIN, Sasha-Gaye Fraser, said.

Fourteen high schools and eight primary schools across the island have been selected to participate in this year’s tour, which is to end on November 30.

The schools were chosen based on key metrics that have been developed to ensure that the programme resonates with as many homes, families and friends as possible.

The STATIN team will visit one school in the morning and another in the evening session. The engagement will take place in the school’s auditorium or a general assembly area that will accommodate as many students as possible from each grade.

Fraser said the sessions will include fun activities such as giveaways of branded 2022 Census in Schools promotional materials. These include pens, pencils, rulers, water bottles and drawstring bags.

“Other interactive games will be incorporated in the session to get students involved and to learn more about the Census while being entertained,” she said, adding that the STATIN team will also incorporate a live performance from a guest performer, where possible.

The engagement at each school is to be captured on video and packaged for use across social media platforms as part of the 2022 Census publicity.

Fraser said that “by virtue of having the activity in schools, teachers and other members of the school population will also be exposed to the Census message and the importance of participating in the Census.”

She noted that the school tour is a national call to action for every educator and student across the country.

“Our nation’s educators are trusted voices in every Jamaican community and with their help, we can teach every student in the nation about the importance of participating in the 2022 Census,” she added.

The 2022 Population and Housing Census, from September 12 to December 31, will collect data on the population to better enable the Government to serve citizens and make policy decisions.

The Census is a count of the country’s population and provides social and demographic data, details of the housing stock, information at the community level, and on hard-to-count individuals within the population.

The exercise is conducted once every 10 years and records information on everyone in the country.