Students entering grade 7 will have PEP profile

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

The cohort of students transitioning from primary to secondary school this year will have a full report comprising all the Primary Exit Profile (PEP) components from grade four to six.

It is the first time since PEP’s inception in 2019 that students will have a full three-year profile, said Education and Youth Minister, Fayval Williams.

The profile is a report of where the student is academically, including strengths and weaknesses, and readiness for grade seven.

 Williams, who was addressing a press conference at the Ministry in Kingston on Friday (June 21) to announce the results of this year’s assessment, explained that COVID-19 restrictions prevented the administration of exams at the grade three level in previous years, which impacted the preparation of a full profile.

She noted that the profile to be provided to secondary schools this year will comprise scores obtained from the grade four Performance Task administered in June 2022; the grade five Performance Task in June 2023; and the 2024 grade six components entailing the Ability Test administered in February, the Performance Task in March, and the Curriculum-based Test in April.

The Minister said that over the three-year period, the students sat a total of 11 tests.

She outlined that for the exams taken in grade four, the weighting was a maximum of 10 per cent or 40 points; for grade five, 20 per cent or 80 points, while for grade six, the weighting was 70 per cent or 280 points.

A total of 34,927 students were registered to sit the 2024 grade six PEP, with 391 absent from all the components registered.

Of the total, 30,627 students, or approximately 88 per cent, were registered in public schools and 4,300, or 12 per cent, in private schools.

The PEP is designed to measure students’ attainment of the objectives outlined in the National Standards Curriculum and aims to provide a cumulative record of students’ performance over a three-year period by furnishing detailed information about their knowledge, skills and competences.