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File photo of a security forces’ checkpoint.

Four persons were arrested and charged with illegal possession of firearm and illegal possession of ammunition following an incident along the Wilson Valley main road in Trelawny on Saturday, April 9.

Charged are;

o 50-year-old Ian Lee, otherwise called ‘Charlie’, a farmer.

o 32-year-old Colletta Bent, otherwise called ‘Shan’, a shopkeeper, both of Wilson Valley, Trelawny.

o 31-year-old Dane Alexander, otherwise called ‘Marcus’, a bartender of Lilliput, St James.

o 33-year-old Sinatra Campbell, otherwise called ‘Golda’, a farmer of New Roads, Trelawny.

Reports from the Falmouth police are that law enforcers were conducting a vehicular checkpoint (VCP) along the Wilson Valley main road when a white Nissan AD Wagon motorcar came to a sudden stop in the vicinity of the checkpoint.

The development aroused the suspicion of the police, who went over to investigate.

Four persons were seen inside the vehicle, and during a search of the unit, Lee, who had been in the front passenger seat, ran off and made good his escape.

A KAHR .45 pistol with a magazine containing six .45 rounds of ammunition was subsequently found on the floor of the front passenger seat of the vehicle.

The remaining occupants of the vehicle were taken into custody.

On Sunday, April 10, Lee turned himself over to the police and gave a caution statement. Thereafter, all four persons were charged by the police.

Their court date is being finalised.

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