‘Suspicious action’ on main road lands Trelawny man behind bars Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

A Taurus 9mm pistol fitted with a magazine containing twelve 9mm rounds of ammunition was seized by the police on Mahogany main road in Trelawny on Thursday, January 19.

A man was taken into custody in relation to the seizure.

Reports from the Falmouth police are that about 5:30 pm, lawmen responded to an incident in the area, during which a white Mitsubishi motor vehicle came to the location.

On leaving the location, the driver of the vehicle reportedly started acting in a manner that aroused the suspicion of the law enforcers.

The driver was accosted and the vehicle was searched, resulting in the firearm being found in a handkerchief.

The man was taken into custody pending further investigations.