Tale of St Mary student almost lured to St James via the Internet Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

A recent incident in which a young girl from St Mary was rescued by police after almost being lured to St James under false pretences, has prompted a warning from the St Mary police for citizens, especially young people, to be aware and cautious about online dangers.

In issuing the caution, head of the St Mary police, Superintendent Bobette Morgan-Simpson, urged residents to use the Internet wisely, this during the launch of the Universal Service Fund’s (USF) Free Wi-Fi in Windsor Castle, St Mary on Thursday. 

She noted that while the free Wi-Fi is a valuable resource, it can also be used for nefarious purposes by individuals with ill intentions.

Such persons can utilise the free services for scamming or luring victims into illicit activities, for example.

Morgan-Simpson cited the recent case of a St Mary student who was rescued by police while on the way to Montego Bay, St James “because somebody called and offered her something she (the student) thought to be very lucrative”.

Added the superintendent: “Now, when the car was stopped and questioning started, that’s where it was revealed the intentions of the individual (the young man the girl was with).”

The superintendent warned that both adults and youngsters can fall prey to online schemes, and emphasised the importance of being vigilant. 

“So, I just want you to use it (the free Wi-Fi) wisely, and don’t allow yourselves to get caught up in something that really you should not (be in),” she advised.