Taliba, sister to Morgan Heritage clan, to draw smiles in Suriname | Loop Jamaica

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Taliba Morgan, the owner of the St Thomas, Jamaica-based mobile practice, Morgan’s Dental Studio, chose dentistry while her Morgan Heritage siblings chose music. Still, she is intent on bringing smiles – brighter ones – to the faces of people who she encounters.

To this end, she has teamed up with Chairman of Suriname’s Gonini People’s Party, Siegfried Jalink Snr, in working towards creating brighter and healthier smiles in that country through an initiative called the ‘Brighten Your Smile’ mission.

The duo plans to bring two to three renowned dentists from around the globe for the initiative to benefit the people of Suriname, beginning in July of this year.

“The Brighten Your Smile initiative is to bring quality dental care to the people of Suriname. It’s important to the chairman and I because he himself has seen the need for quality healthcare for the country, and this is just another step forward in that direction,” said Taliba Morgan.

Siegfried Jalink Snr

Morgan’s Dental Studio began as a teeth-whitening service during the COVID-19 pandemic, and has since evolved into something much bigger – community service.

“This is important on many levels, but most importantly, it’s time to bring the people of this great nation of Suriname forward,” Morgan stated.

She is sister to the popular Morgan clan, some of whom formed several groups, including The Dreads, LMS and the Grammy-winning, internationally acclaimed roots and culture band, Morgan Heritage.

Morgan Heritage is comprised of Peter ‘Peetah’ Morgan, Una Morgan, Roy ‘Gramps’ Morgan, Nakhamyah ‘Lukes’ Morgan, and Memmalatel ‘Mr Mojo’ Morgan.

Taliba’s passion for dentistry and helping people have pushed her to be doing both.

The ‘Brighten Your Smile’ mission is to involve two dentists from Jamaica and one from Cuba, who should all be on hand to assist the community with gaining free quality oral healthcare over a period of seven days, with the procedures ranging from restorative work to extractions and dental examinations, among others.