Tatik aims to make 2023 his breakout year Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

Singjay Tatik has vowed to make 2023 his break-out year in the business, blaming the delay in his career on a lengthy detour he took into other aspects of the music business.

Currently working on releasing his EP, ‘Powerful’, starting the year on a high note performing at Yaksta’s launch of his album ’22’, Tatik said that he is fully focused on the performing aspect of the music.

“I plan to do a work of work this year. It is just about the work. I have an EP coming out. We have enough songs that we can put out an EP by tomorrow but we have to decide as a team what goes in there. So we can’t say the date of the release but the name of it is ‘Powerful’,” he told Loop News.

Tatik revealed that he could have gone further in the music business but he diverted his attention to creating beats, in-studio engineering, producing, and graphic artistry among other things. Based on his current skillset, Tatik has the ability to write songs, create the beats, voice, mix, and master himself as well as do the graphic design for the song’s promotional material.

“I have been in the business seven years doing a lot of stuff in music. I never was that serious about the music. It is something that I knew I wanted to do but I was doing all these things. So I stop building flyers, cut back on certain stuff that take up too much of my time,” he said.

“Most people would say why that youth nuh buss yet, but sometimes I have a song and I can hear the beat inna my head. I know that I have to build that riddim because no one can do it like how I envision it and those things take a lot of time so things like that make it take longer to buss,” he said. He noted that going that route has made him a better musician.

However, he said going forward he will shed some of the load as he is working with a talented production and promotional team under management company Skyviews Entertainment.

Tatik is working on promoting his latest song ‘Strongest Soldier List’ – a song about persons going through struggles in life and believing that their breakthrough is taking too long because of their resiliency.

“The song is not about breaking under pressure. We are saying that we think it is time for our reward. We may be one of the strongest soldiers but we need to come off the list so we can get our reward,” he said.

The song since its release two weeks ago on Vevo the song has had 150,000 views. Tatik said a number of people have been sharing the song on their personal social media platforms. He pointed out that Valiant and Chronic Law have reposted ‘Strongest Soldier List’ and Twins of Twins have highlighted the song on several occasions.