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Taxi Man Arrested On Warrant – Made With Clipchamp

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A taxi operator who went to the Negril Police Station to make a report on Wednesday was arrested after it was discovered that he had more than 50 outstanding warrants.

Twenty-eight-year-old Damion Simpson of Whitehall, Negril in Westmoreland was nabbed by the police after it was discovered that he was on the station’s warrant list.

According to reports, shortly after 3pm Wednesday, Simpson visited the Negril Police Station to make a report. While making the report, his name was mentioned, and an alert police officer recognised the name as being part of the station’s warrant list. 

He taken into custody and spent the night in jail. 

The police disclosed that Simpson had 28 outstanding warrants in the Negril police area, all of which were executed on him.Further checks revealed that he also has 53 outstanding warrants in Hanover, and an additional six in St James. Simpson was taken to the Westmoreland Parish Court on Thursday, where he pleaded guilty and was fined J$130,000.He is to remain in custody until the fines have been settled.

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