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The swift action of law enforcers from the Kingston Central police led to the apprehension of a 17-year-old male and the seizure of a firearm and several rounds of ammunition following an incident at a secondary school in the Corporate Area on Tuesday, June 27.

Reports are that sometime after 11am, a student at the school was allegedly seen being assaulted by the now accused juvenile.

A female student intervened, and asked the juvenile to desist from carrying out his actions.

The female student was reportedly hit in the face by the juvenile, and when the student retaliated, the juvenile reportedly brandished a gun.

Hours later, he was apprehended by law enforcers, who took him into custody.

The boy was charged with using a firearm to commit a scheduled offence, being in possession of a prohibited weapon, assault occasioning bodily harm and assault at common law.

A search of his home was carried out on Wednesday, June 28, which reportedly resulted in the discovery and seizure of an APX Beretta 9mm pistol with a magazine containing eight 9mm rounds of ammunition.

The boy was then charged with unauthorised possession of a prohibited weapon and unauthorised possession of ammunition.

His court date is being finalised.

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