Thank god it’s… Sunday? TGI Fridays’ new Soca Brunch wows! Loop Jamaica

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TGI Fridays has a new menu, with new offerings that are completely Jamaican. That’s the message this #foodiefriday!

The food and beverage team has found the answer to the often-repeated question: “Where do we go for Sunday brunch?” by providing a delectable spread for brunch.

And, it’s a no-brainer, really, the restaurant is smack dab in central, Kingston, and tapers off the food and entertainment hip strip, ie Lady Musgrave Road.

Loopers, we got a special invite, and the options were sooooo good, we had to share.

There’s a kids brunch and mocktail menu, and scrumptious ‘Fridays Style’ and ‘Breakfast Entr?e’ options that are complemented by a Trio of Mimosas (Orange, Peach and Strawberry) and a five-drink cocktail menu.

Some food historians may argue that brunch originated from the lavish meals prepared after the typical English hunt.

Others may say brunch started as a religious habit – a derivative of worshippers fasting prior to Sunday mass, which essentially meant they would have to skip breakfast. And to make up for the missed meal they would gather after church to have an early lunch.

Regardless of your beliefs, it could be said this combination of breakfast and lunch is a social affair, best shared with the right company, and, on the gram.

Yaadman Etan and Bwoizy (absent from the photo) took process pics of mixologist Javion Forbes at work.

For the phrase ‘lavish meals’ descriptive alone, we’re inclined to go with the former. All four of us agreed (there was Bwoizy, Wonga Gyal, Yaadman Etan, and me).

Indeed, the brunch crew is almost as important as the food itself, just think famalay… food… Fridays!

It’s a no-brainer, too, that the just-launched TGI Fridays Soca Brunch menu, is served just in time for the 2023 Carnival season – we relinquished all forms of tabanca with the impressive spread.

Our first collective agreement was that the cure for any hangover is the so-called Hangover Burger – a scrumdiliumcious super-stacked beef patty with pepper bacon, cracked black pepper, caramelised onions, horseradish sauce, some lettuce and a fried egg to top it off.

For the burger and a milkshake diner, there’s a TGI ‘silk shake’ to quell your appetite. But, if like me you down a burger with something sweet, you have four tangy options – alcoholic and non-alcoholic to choose from.

Some brunch items included (L-R) the savoury Smoked Salmon and Bagel Breakfast; the people’s choice: Breakfast Hash, and the crunchy Waffles and Chicken Tenders. (Photos: Cevan Coore)

But, if, unlike me, you’re looking for traditional breakfast fare, you have the options of Fridays French Toast – four slices of golden French toast finished with a dash of powdered sugar and fresh strawberries of Fridays Pancakes, ? la Bwoizy’s fave.

With the All American, everything comes in threes: three strips of crispy bacon and three eggs your way, paired with your choice of French toast.

The Eggs ? La Fridays is an extension of the Fridays French Toast options – an offering of American Style eggs (packed with bacon Monterey Jack cheese and tomato), and the Fully Loaded (think ‘American Style’ with green peppers, onions, and tomatoes).

Apparently, the Jamaican Chimichurri Steak and Eggs is for the ‘true patriot’ – and Wonga Gyal. It’s a platter of sirloin steak strips, saut?ed with onion and peppers, and topped with Fridays’ Jamaican Chimichurri sauce.

This is, by the way, served with two eggs, sunny side up, and a bagel.

Then you had the Breakfast Hash, the people’s choice! We all agreed that this scrumptious and light-seasoned mountain of Fridays Breakfast potatoes, layered with thinly sliced sirloin steak, a green onion and bell pepper medley, Monterey Jack cheese, Marinara sauce and topped with an egg, sunny side up.

And for the more spirited palates, there is a Spiked Lemonade with vodka, a variety of Sangrias and even a whiskey-based chocolate ‘silk shake’ – cuz it’s silky smooth, of course – for those with a dairy-sweet tooth.

But, don’t take my word for it, the proof is in the grubbing!

Brunch would not have been a success without the apt bar and kitchen staff that provided our meals and the true Soca Brunch experts: Jual Augustus and Candace Villaroel, TGI Fridays Jamaica General Manager, and TGI Fridays Trinidad and Jamaica Operations Business Partner, respectively.

For the full menu, visit @tgifridaysja on Instagram or Facebook, or secure your reservation by calling 876-978-8443.

Soca Brunch is available at TGI Fridays on Sundays between the hours of 10 am and 2 pm.