The Ashe Company goes stargazing with new Christmas campaign | Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News

For 28 years, the Ashe Company (Ashe, for short) has been one of the leading performing arts companies in Jamaica.

Collectively, they’ve managed to build a name and reputation synonymous with excellence and innovation in the creative and performing arts and has also developed a strong and impactful edutainment niche.

Ashe is known to be very well sought after in providing memorable Christmas experiences each year with vibrant and entertaining Christmas music, songs, and choreography.

The Ashe Company goes stargazing for second year of ‘Follow the Star’. (Photos: via the Ashe Company)

Since face-to-face entertainment was expelled during the pandemic, Ashe pivoted to bringing good Christmas experiences to audiences via numerous social media platforms.

In December 2020, Ashe hosted a Christmas social media campaign called the ‘Ashe’s Twelve Days of Christmas’, where 12 music videos were shot and released to 12 popular local and international Christmas songs.

This garnered a lot of traction on social media and increased viewers’ subscriptions, and overall viewership on their YouTube channel.

This year, Ashe will release a Christmas collection dubbed Follow the Star, a six-track-long EP of Christmas songs.

These songs were previously released as music videos in 2020 on Ashe’s YouTube channel.

The tracklist, along with the cover art, will be released on the group’s social media pages later this month.

The release of the EP will also take place later this November and will be available for streaming and download on Apple Music and Spotify.

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