The top items Uber users leave behind, ranked by days | Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News | Loop News

For the first time, the Uber app shared a list of the most common items forgotten by Jamaicans during leases requested through the app.

The platform found that mobile phones top the list of the most forgotten items by users, followed by cameras and keys.

Also, users in Kingston have left personal items such as luggage and headphones in the lease.

The report issued by Uber highlighted that in Jamaica, the most common time for lost items is 11 pm. Interestingly, so far this year, the dates on which users have forgotten the most items were February 2 and March 26. Hmmm…?

Likewise, and although it may seem strange, there are specific items that are usually forgotten more frequently by users on particular days.

For example, on Tuesdays, it is common for them to forget their headphones.

On Wednesdays they are likely to forget their keys, Thursdays are known for lost birthday cards and gifts; on Fridays, users tend to forget clothes, and on Saturdays, the most common forgotten items are backpacks and luggage.

Forgetting an item in a lease can cause a lot of stress and overwhelm users, and even more so, the thought of losing the item for good or not knowing how to get it back.

Uber understands how important this is to users, and luckily, the process for retrieving forgotten items using the app is straightforward, and in most cases, items are successfully returned to their owners.

To retrieve a forgotten item:

– Open the Uber app, click on the menu and go to the Your Leases section.

– Select the lease where you believe you forgot your item.

– Go to the Help section and click I lost an item.

– Enter a contact phone number and tap Submit.

– You will receive a call that will contact you with the lessor partner you believe has your item.

– If the lessor partner confirms that he or she has your item, agree directly with him or her to coordinate the delivery of the item, and that’s it!

Uber advises users that if they are unable to contact the lessor partner at the time of placing the call, to try again a few minutes later. The lessor partner might have been in the middle of a lease at that moment.

Another option to recover forgotten items when using the Uber app is from the website; simply log in and follow the same steps from the corresponding lease.

If users are not able to contact the lessor partner within 24 hours, they can use the Help button and select the option “Contact Uber about a lost item”.

The Uber support team will try to contact the lessor partner directly to respond to the user as soon as possible.