‘There is a witch-hunt out on me,’ says Montague Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

Former National Security Minister, Robert Montague on Tuesday charged that the Integrity Commission is planning to raid his house as he continued a broadside against the anti-corruption watchdog in a statement in the House of Representatives.

Montague has been peeved with the Commission since being cited for overseeing the issuance of firearm licences to persons of questionable character at the time he was security minister and failing to have his name cleared like former security minister Peter Bunting, who was similarly cited but has since been exonerated by the Commission.

On Tuesday, Montague told the House that the Commission was “…trying to shut me up, they are hell-bent on destroying me”.

Continuing, Montague said, “There is a witch-hunt out on me.”

Of the “planned raid”, Montague said, “…I have no problem, nor objection. A person from a media house has asked around where I live, because they are coming to cover a raid at my house. If this planned raid is a fact, is this an abuse or misuse of power?”

He has accused the Commission of unlawful behaviour.

“When they cannot lawfully destroy you, they abuse the awesome power that they have. The Integrity Commission is abusing its powers,” he declared.

According to Montague, any reasonable person would expect that having made an annual return in 2018, and a request was not made for additional information, and you made a return in 2019, in 2020, and in 2021, “is it reasonable to ask four years later (in 2022)?”

The former security minister believes he is under personal attack and accused the Commission of having political motives.

He said: “No matter what I supply them, the die is casted, I publicly criticise them then I will be taught a lesson. They are going to continue asking for information and then, of course, charge me just before, or as an election is called. You mark my words, record it and let’s see.”

Montague asserted that the Commission was above criticism and claimed it has been “weaponised”.

“This is spiteful, vindictive and abusive, but I will endeavour to satisfy them as is required,” he said while claiming further that he was being unfairly treated.

“I have been treated with bias, malice and contempt,” Montague said.