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Social media influencers announce pregnancy, union, and more

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#TheRoyals are expecting

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Danar Royal and Kerry-Ann Collins had some wonderful news to share this weekend.

And they did so in the company of friends and family at an intimate gender reveal party.

The two, more popularly known by their social media monikers Dan Dan and Chiney K Pop Girl, announced several bits of information that was not public knowledge, despite having very public personas.

No, your eyes have not deceived you, they’re expecting a child.

The post left many followers speculating on a range of topics from the legitimacy of the news – whether it was a stunt or prank – to the authenticity of the pregnancy.

And, while some were surprised to learn that Collins is pregnant, others brought Royal’s sexual orientation into question.

The majority sent congratulatory messages, however, and several users took the opportunity to say they were already expecting the announcement.

Both Collins and Royal have commented in their own ways – him via IG story posts, and her with an actual baby bump video clip. They’ve also shared and re-shared posts that indicate the authenticity of the news.

The two gained popularity for years of prank content and comedic skits shared to their respective Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram pages.

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