Third staging of ‘Shot List’ celebrates cinematic talent, int’l film Loop Jamaica

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The third staging of ‘Shot List’ is slated for Sunday, May 26 at the Sunken Gardens, Hope Gardens in Kingston, Jamaica.

The ten-hour event (which goes live at 2 pm and wraps at 12 am) has received much fanfare following the first and second iterations.

Organisers anticipate a greater turnout this year will be greater and solidify the activity as a calendar event.

The Jamaica Film and Television Association (JAFTA) in collaboration with We Are Parable, is dedicated to the growth of the local film industry through showcasing short films, capacity building workshops and panel discussions.

With an increased patronage each year, evidenced in the approximately 1700 attendees last year; this year promises to be a celebration of cinematic talent and international collaboration.

JAFTA President Saeed Thomas is enthusiastic about this year’s staging as he welcomes a collaborative approach to the development of the local film industry.

He underscored the importance of both private and public sector partners as well as aspiring filmmakers in building a lusty appetite for experiences like Shot List.

Thomas stated: ‘this is a special year for film in Jamaica as it is the first year of the Jamaican Screen Development Initiative’s $1Billion Dollar Fund for Filmmakers provided by the government, which aims to support and strengthen the local screen-based industries by providing a pool of funds accessible for the completion of eligible screen-based projects across various stages of development.’

Teanne Andrews, co-founder and director of operations at We Are Parable, expressed her anticipation for the event, stating the swift development of the ‘the last two years have shown that Shot List creates visibility and collaborative opportunities for filmmakers from the United Kingdom (UK) and Jamaica. It also encourages a wider conversation about international co-production and distribution which is evidenced by our own collaboration with JAFTA to showcase the films seen at Shot List on our digital platform.’

This year, Shot List will also be supported for the first time by Eon Productions, the UK-based production company that is responsible for the James Bond Franchise.

Managed by Barbara Broccoli and Michael G Wilson; Broccoli said: ‘Through the work of We Are Parable we saw The Shot List as a great opportunity to collaborate, continuing to support their journey as they facilitate more films being able to be marketed and distributed internationally.’ 

Similar to previous years; Shot List will feature four workshops, two of which are in partnership with Hyphen8 Global, showcasing the possibility of market expansion into the UK and Africa.

‘The workshops will feature experienced facilitators who will cover topics of Cinematography (the art of storytelling), Music Video Production, the Business of Film as well as a Special Acting Workshop focused on ‘monologues’, said Lesley-Ann Wanliss, Business Development Director of JAFTA.

She also emphasized the organization’s commitment to community and capacity building, stating, “JAFTA’s interest in community and capacity building remains at the heart of Shot List; which is the reason we are heavily focused on the “business” of the industry and ensuring it’s sustainability.’

She announced that for the first time; JAFTA will honour members who have spent in excess of thirty years within the local film industry with Lifetime Achievement Awards at Shot List.

She also stated that patrons will be in for a great experience as one of the panel discussions will feature select cast and crew of the recently released Bob Marley: One Love as well as a panel that will delve into the evolution of music videos in Jamaica.

Shot List promises to be an unforgettable experience for film enthusiasts, offering a platform for emerging and established filmmakers to showcase their talent and connect with industry professionals from around the world.

Admission to the event is JM$3000 with each workshop attracting a cost of JM$2000. Tickets can be purchased at CaribTix or via select ambassadors. For more information, check out the official affiliate Instagram pages @shotlist.ja and @jaftaonline.

We Are Parable is an award-winning film exhibition and distribution company founded by Anthony and Teanne Andrews.

Since forming in 2013, their mission is simple – to provide audiences in the United Kingdom and around the world with opportunities to experience and respond to Black cinema in culturally relevant, memorable, unique and innovative ways.

This is achieved by screening films and creating cinematic experiences that captivate and engage audiences.

The Jamaica Film and Television Association (JAFTA) is a government-endorsed not-for-profit association comprised of local Film and TV Practitioners and geared at cultivating a local audio-visual community.

JAFTA also facilitates and supports cultural exchange, capacity building and developmental initiatives, skills-sharing, and community outreach.

With a focus on live action, we ultimately advance best practices for the development of the Jamaican film and the audio-visual industry.