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Morgan Heritage receives Reggae Icon Award

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Prime Minister Andrew Holness (left) with members of reggae group Morgan Heritage, who received the Reggae Icon Award at Sunday’s Independence Day Gala at the National Stadium in Kingston. (Photo: Marlon Reid)

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There was a light moment at the Jamaica 61 Independence Gala during the recognition of iconic reggae group Morgan Heritage on Sunday, when the microphones refused to work for Prime Minister Andrew Holness.

After the reggae group, known for songs like ‘Don’t haffi dread’ and ‘Down by the river’, was given their accolade for their contribution to the genre, Holness was to address them

A snippet of Independence Grand Gala 2023.

The prime minister was handed a microphone, but when he spoke into it, there was no sound. The audience hardly reacted, as technical glitches are fairly common.

However, a second microphone was tested and given to him, which stopped working when he tried speaking in it.

A third microphone was tested and given to Holness, which also stopped working after he tried speaking into it. This elicted some laughter from the crowd, the prime minister and Culture Minister Olivia Grange.

After one more microphone check and changing of positions of the awardees and the dignitaries, the microphone again stopped.

It was after about the fifth try, and the crowd now invested in the light moment, that the prime minister finally got to deliver the nation’s gratitude to the reggae group, who received the Reggae Icon Award.

Those in attendance cheered.

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