Three EV charging stations for St Catherine Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

Three Petcom Service Stations in St Catherine will be fitted with electric vehicle charging stations, the first installations in the parish.

“The world is going electric,” Evergo CEO Wayne McKenzie declared at the signing of an agreement between Petroleum Company of Jamaica (Petcom) and EVPower Jamaica Limited last week.

McKenzie said Evergo is doing its part to build relationships with partners across Jamaica to develop a network that will allow EV users to commute without worry.

“We’re expecting to import 44 additional chargers in two months,” he added.

For his part, Petcom General Manager Godfrey Boyd said his company is driven toward a sustainable environment.

“Renewable energy lessens our demand and reliability on oil, said Boyd. “Our health is our biggest wealth, and emissions are a serious concern to our health,” he said.

The first commissioned was Portmore Parkway, which boasts a Level 3 DC ‘super-fast’ charger and two Level 2 AC ‘semi-fast’ chargers.

Located in the heart of Portmore, this station has its convenience store, ‘SunMart’. It is also near supermarkets, shopping centres and a medical facility – allowing users to charge while they run errands.

Other Evergo units awaiting connection are Petcom on Passagefort Drive in Portmore and Twickenham Park in Spanish Town.