Three men freed of gun charges due to loopholes in prosecution’s case Loop Jamaica

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Inconsistencies in the prosecution’s case against three men charged with gun-related offences resulted in them being freed following no-case submissions from their attorneys during a three-day trial in the Gun Court Division of the Home Circuit Court last week.

The trio, Michael McLeod, Kevaughn Blaine and Kerry Grant, were all acquitted of the charges of illegal possession of firearm and illegal possession of ammunition.

It was alleged that on October 10, 2022, the men were arrested after a handgun was found in a motor vehicle in which they were travelling along Grants Pen Avenue in St Andrew. They were subsequently charged.

However, the defence highlighted what they said were omissions and inconsistencies throughout the probe by the lead detective in the case.

The attorneys also argued that it would be unwise to arrive at a verdict in favour of the crown in the matter because during cross-examination of the said detective, his testimony was in contrast to that of another witness.

In handing down his ruling in favour of the defence relative to the no-case submissions, trial Judge Justice Vaughn Smith agreed that the prosecution’s case had several inconsistencies.

Further, he said the weight of the evidence was not sufficient for the then accused men to be required to answer the charges that had been brought against them.

On that score, Smith said it would be difficult for a tribunal to satisfy itself that the three men did, in fact, have the firearm in their possession.