Three rifles, one handgun seized in St James Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

The St James Police Division has embarked on a comprehensive 14-day operation targeting criminals in the parish.

The security operation, which was launched on Tuesday, has been bearing fruit with the recovery of four illegal guns in Salt Spring on Thursday.

Seized were three high-powered rifles and a handgun. One of the rifles is identified as a versatile multi-calibre weapon capable of firing various types of ammunition.

Speaking with JIS News, Acting Commanding Officer for the St James Police Division, Superintendent Eron Samuels, said, “We believe this operation was highly successful, as it reflects our commitment to capturing wanted individuals, disarming them, and restoring peace and security to the area.”

Acting Commanding Officer for the St James Police Division, Superintendent Eron Samuels. (Photo: JIS)

He noted that the seizure of weapons is expected to significantly curtail gang influence and reduce the threat to residents.

In addition to law enforcement efforts, Superintendent Samuels said the St James police have been actively engaged in social intervention activities within the Salt Spring community.

This includes a recently concluded two-week youth summer camp that saw the participation of 96 students from Salt Spring Primary School.

Superintendent Samuels said that the camp aimed to foster positive interactions between the youth and various community-service agencies, including the police and the Fire Brigade.

The Acting Commanding Officer also outlined plans to extend similar operations to other hotspot areas across the St James division.

He noted that the police will be conducting multiple daily operations, including vehicle checkpoints (VCPs) and targeted interventions in less frequently patrolled areas.

“We have some wanted persons that we are going to be going after. We intend to conduct more robust VCPs, flag marches; we intend to be present in some areas that persons would not normally see the police operating in, to ensure that persons can feel safe and secure living in the St. James region,” Superintendent Samuels outlined.

He called on residents to actively collaborate with law enforcement officers as they intensify efforts to ensure safe and secure communities in the parish.

“I want to encourage citizens to really play their part to work with the police. We will be doing a lot of community walk-throughs and community meetings. We want you to realize that we are here to work with you. We are not here to pressure our citizens. We are here to ensure that you are in a position where you’re comfortable and feel safe within your communities,” he added.