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Tight squeeze: Man rescued after getting stuck between two houses

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A man was rescued after getting stuck in a tiny gap between two homes in Nonthaburi province, Thailand, on June 12.

Thanet Sapsing, 37, climbed up to the roof of his house to fix a leak. However, he slipped on the way and fell right into the tight space between his house and the next-door neighbour’s, who called the rescue team upon hearing him shouting for help.

Shocked neighbour Widapha Chaishongkhram, 45, said: “I heard someone screaming and saw him there. I saw him from my daughter’s bedroom on the second floor. We tried to pull him out but we couldn’t, so we asked for help.”

Rescuers used a long blanket to tie around Thanet’s body and pull him up from the claustrophobic space. At least three rescuers carried him up slowly as he inched his way back to the roof.

He was given first aid treatment, but aside from scratches, which were bandaged, the resident appeared to be generally healthy despite being exhausted from standing up in the cramped space for almost an hour.

To avoid similar incidents in the future, the two house owners agreed that they would need to make improvements to their properties.

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