TMC threatens legal action to remove businessman from highway location Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

The Trelawny Municipal Corporation (TMC) is threatening to take legal action against businessmen Rushane Taylor, who has been served a 28-day notice to remove his business operation from where it is located near the busy highway in Hague in the parish.

Recently, Taylor took to social media appealing for Prime Minister Andrew Holness to intervene on his behalf to save his $4.5 million investment.

The entrepreneur claims to be legally operating on the site where he has obtained a five-year lease to display concrete columns and balusters from an old bus.

But while addressing a recent press conference, Falmouth Mayor Collen Gager said if Taylor fails to comply after the 28-day notice expires on June 15, lawyers representing the TMC will be asked to take the matter to court.

“He has 28 days. When the enforcement notice finishes on the 15th of June, we are sending it straight to the lawyer and the lawyer will immediately prepare papers to take it straight to court for it to be removed,” Gager said.

Gager added that the TMC has given orders for other businesses to move from the vicinity where Taylor operates, therefore it would be unfair to allow him to continue to operate there.

“It is on the highway and people will say we are unfair. All of those people there have been served notices. All of them. The hassock man, he was served notice, he complied; the others, even on the Hague road, some of them have been demolished. Just up the road there is one that the court has ordered to be demolished by the owner. We can’t be (of) double standard, we have to maintain, and we have to have a safe community, a safe highway,” Gager said. 

“He has beautiful products, I must say, but that is not the way to do it. You can’t just set up somewhere illegally and using a brute force to say I am supposed to stay here,” the mayor added.

Taylor has since expressed his intent to ask Opposition Leader Mark Golding to intervene on his behalf.

“I want to send this message to Opposition Leader Mark Golding.

I am 30 years old. I employ 52 people. I actually invested $4.5 million in that building up there,” he said.