Top business tycoon gets OJ Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

Paul Barnaby (PB) Scott, renowned businessman, trailblazer, CEO, Chairman, and principal shareholder of the Musson Group, will be awarded the country’s second-highest civilian honour, the esteemed Order of Jamaica (OJ).

Scott is being awarded in recognition of his exceptional contributions to Jamaica’s economic development and his outstanding leadership in the business sector.

PB Scott’s visionary leadership has been instrumental in transforming the Musson Group into a diversified conglomerate operating in 30 countries. Under his guidance, the company has expanded its presence in various industries, including agriculture, manufacturing, food, pharmaceutical distribution, telecommunications and information technology, and insurance.

At 47, Scott becomes one of the youngest to receive this esteemed national honour.

Since assuming the role of CEO and Chairman in 2004 and previously serving as Executive Deputy Chairman since 2000, Scott’s unwavering dedication and entrepreneurial acumen have been central to the Musson Group’s astounding growth. The company now boasts an annual turnover exceeding US$1.3 billion and employs over 7,000 individuals, contributing significantly to Jamaica’s economic prosperity.

Under his leadership, The Musson Group has emerged as a powerful force for positive change, investing over US$150 million in Jamaica over the past five years alone. Among these investments, the Musson Group has played a pivotal role in boosting economic growth and providing employment opportunities for the local population. These initiatives have been instrumental in driving the growth of the business process outsourcing (BPO) sector in Jamaica, resulting in the creation of over 10,000 seats, which has, in turn, generated an estimated 15,000 job opportunities for the community.

He is also chairman of the Development Bank of Jamaica (DBJ).

In addition to his exceptional achievements in the business realm, Scott has earned widespread acclaim for his unwavering commitment to corporate social responsibility. As a passionate advocate for sustainable business practices, he has spearheaded various initiatives that have profoundly impacted communities across Jamaica.

The honour of the Order of Jamaica (OJ), reflects not only Scott’s extraordinary accomplishments but also his unwavering commitment to Jamaica’s prosperity and his dedication to fostering sustainable development.