Top cops stand firm, say Federation head’s comments ‘disrespectful’ Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

The Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) high command said it is obliged to make a statement regarding Chairman of the Police Federation, Corporal Rohan James, who has been placed on interdiction.

On Thursday afternoon, the police high command insisted that it is committed to preserving the right to free speech of all members of the JCF, but pointed out that such freedoms must be exercised in line with the established rules and regulations to ensure the JCF’s professionalism, integrity, and honour are maintained.

“On July 15, 2023, at a funeral service for a deceased constable, several comments were made by Mr James, which became the subject of an internal investigation by the Inspectorate Professional Standards Oversight Bureau,” the high command said.

It added that preliminary findings from the inquiry suggest that his statements were found to contravene JCF rules, regulations, and Force Orders.

The high command also said the statements were “viewed as disrespectful, unprofessional, unfitting of his office and rank, thereby potentially bringing the JCF into disrepute”.

Following the guidelines of its established protocols, the high command said Corporal James was served with multiple charges and is slated to appear before a Court of Enquiry, adding that during these procedures, James will be on interdiction.

“We hold the view that it is essential to uphold the confidentiality of the Force’s internal procedures to secure fair and unbiased dealings. However, given that the matter has been made public, it has become necessary to communicate this information,” the high command said.

The JCF insisted that it stands firm in its commitment to protecting the integrity of the organisation and the trust placed in its members by the public.

“Every member of our Force is held to the highest standards, and any transgression from these standards is treated with the appropriate seriousness,” the high command said.

The high command also said In the course of the investigation and any proceedings that follow, there will be no further public commentary from the JCF in the course of the investigation and any proceedings that follow, as they do not wish to argue the case in the public sphere.

“The JCF stands firm in its pledge to maintain the highest levels of conduct within our ranks. We persist in our commitment to serving the public with utmost dedication, professionalism, and integrity,” the high command said.

While the high command has made its position clear, some police officers have also stated their position through posting an image of James, which states that they stand with the Police Federation head.

The image of Corporal Rohan James being shared by members of the JCF with the words, “We stand with you”.