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Kadeem Rodgers

60 minutes ago

Travel In Threes with Stacious

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Dancehall recording artiste Stacious has toured several cities in the Caribbean and the North Americas.

Recently, during a What’s Up interview with Loop News, the singjay – who is also a radio host, entrepreneur, and the Jamaica Festival Song Competition 2021 title-holder – broke for a minute to share her top three travel experiences.

In chronological order from her least to greatest, Stacious listed Antigua – which was “a little bit different from the Jamaican experience” – Belize, and Jerusalem as her top three.

Fun Fact: The Jamaican Spirit singer recounted a “backward hill” in Belize among the attractions she witnessed in the country, and though she did not go into detail about the renowned “Magnetic Hill”, also known as Gravity Hill, we did some digging.

According to Pomona and The North Stann Creek Valley, the mysterious happenings on the hill defeats the laws of physics, noting that people have speculated that a magnetic force under the tarmac “pulls metal objects in another direction”.

Pretty interesting stuff, and quite unique to “a few known places” in the world.

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