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The Westmoreland police have recorded the first triple murder this year following Wednesday morning’s gun attack at an entertainment club in Frome in the parish.

Four other persons were shot in the deadly attack.

The deceased have been identified as Everol Rowe, Kemar Smith and Andre McDonald, all of Westmoreland addresses.

Reports are that sometime after 12am, gunmen opened fire at patrons at the entertainment spot in Frome.

The seven individuals who were shot, were subsequently taken to hospital, where three were pronounced dead.

Members of the Major Investigations Division have commenced their probe into the incident.

Earlier this month, three women were among four individuals who were shot and injured by gunmen who went on the rampage at a bar in Savanna-la-Mar, Westmoreland.

In January, five people, including a woman, were shot and injured at a party in close proximity to the location where the four were shot in the Savanna-la-Mar attack.

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