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Two of St Catherine’s most wanted men who were featured on this week’s ‘Wanted Wednesdays’ are now in police custody.

Police are reporting that one of the men have been in custody since Thursday, August 25 and the other man was placed in custody on Friday, August 26.

One of the men, 29-year-old Shawn Baxter otherwise called ‘Ballisha’, Truck Driver of McVickers Lane in Spanish Town, St Catherine have since been charged with murder.

The second man, Shawn Oliver otherwise called ‘Big Wayne’, remains in custody.

Reports from the Spanish Town Police are that at about 2:00 pm, members of the Specialised Operations Branch conducted an operation during which Baxter was arrested. Meanwhile, a warrant was executed on Baxter on Thursday, August 25. He was subsequently charged.

Baxter will make his first court appearance on Friday, September 2.

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