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Grade four student at Mona Preparatory School, Gianna Spence, shares two things she would ask Prime Minister of Jamaica, Andrew Holness, to do.

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Jamaica needs more than two things to be done to become a great nation. There are so many things to be fixed. I believe the Prime Minister can secure this change.

The economy and the state of the roads are two of the nation’s many problems that need to be addressed immediately.

Potholes are irritating. They cause accidents. I am asking the Prime Minister to fix the roads immediately. People are dying because of the condition of the roads. Motor vehicle accidents are one of the main reasons why most people are admitted to hospitals in Jamaica.

Potholes make us late for school because vehicles have to drive slowly. Places that are close to our homes feel far because of the state of the roads.

In some places, it is so bad that we have to walk. Children who walk these distances to get to school are too tired to learn, do not get a well-rounded education, and end up unable to find jobs.

I would also like to ask the Prime Minister if he needs help in identifying new goods and services for export. I would recommend to the Prime Minister that every part of Jamaica that is uninhabited be searched for oil.

The Russia-Ukraine war has increased gas prices because Russia is a major oil supplier. If Jamaica had oil supplies, we would be protected from these high gas prices.

Fixing our roads and producing more goods and services for export are two ways the Prime Minister can make Jamaica a better place so that more tourists and established international businesses will come to Jamaica and invest in our economy.

By Gianna Imani Spence

Grade 4 student at Mona Preparatory School

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