Uber expands to Montego Bay Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

Following its successful debut in Kingston in 2021, Uber has extended its availability to Montego Bay and introduced a new option, Uber Taxi, touted as the go-to option for tourists.

This move reflects the tech company’s commitment to enhancing mobility and supporting tourism and the local economy.

Uber Taxi is now available in parts of Hanover, Westmoreland, St James, Trelawny, and St Ann.

Uber Taxi is a collaboration between Uber and the Montego Bay-based Maxi Taxi Association. Users will now be able to request taxi services from contract carriage drivers affiliated with Maxi Taxi easily, via the Uber app.

“Uber Taxi is the fusion of traditional mobility and modern technology, benefiting taxi drivers and users. It’s tailored for tourists, offering the familiarity of traditional taxi services combined with the safety and technological advancements of Uber.”, shared Carolina Coto, senior communication manager for Uber in the Caribbean and Central America.

“We are excited to join forces with Uber to transform the experience for tourists. By integrating Uber’s advanced technology, our drivers will enjoy enhanced safety and increased earnings on every ride. This partnership marks a significant step in elevating how tourists move in Montego Bay,” said Gregg Connell, President of the Montego Bay Maxi Taxi Association.

Uber Taxi also ensures that Uber’s safety tools are available for both users and taxi drivers, including Trusted Contacts, PIN Code, RideCheck, and audio recordings, to name a few.

Meanwhile, UberX, the option available in Kingston and St Andrew and parts of St. Catherine, will also now be available in these locations.

“We’re thrilled about our expansion to Montego Bay, where over 21,000  locals and visitors have attempted to use our app for a lease since 2021. This shows a strong interest in using Uber’s technology and the potential to support this key tourist area, which is vital to the country’s economy.”

The top five nationalities requesting leases in Jamaica in 2023 are the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, the Caribbean, and Germany. With these statistics, Uber is confident that the expansion is the right move for Uber, locals, and tourists.

“Jamaica is a tourist hotspot and we believe that the app’s availability in Montego Bay and other areas in Jamaica is an exciting move. With both UberX and Uber Taxi options, we believe it will help to boost economic recovery and tourism and this is something we are committed to,” concluded Coto.