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The struggle is real

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Young artiste shows love for his mother

The struggles that members of the society, young people included, continue to face during these harsh economic times, made even more challenging by the ongoing pandemic, are real.

As a result of these hurdles, the cry for parents to give greater support to their children has grown louder.

So when a young upcoming artiste from Jamaica known as Keniel, took to social media recently to talk about his life experiences and to show appreciation to his mother, who he said has stood by his side during his struggle it was no surprise the outpouring of support from social media users.

But it appeared the artiste was caught by surprise the high-level reaction he received when he managed to capture in his song life situation that so many of his peers face each day, that is living in homes managed by single parents, who have decided to be there for their children no matter how hard the challenges.

Social media users also showed their appreciation for the fact that the young man managed to get across his message in the clearest way with lyrics that were clean and uplifting.

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September 20, 2021 07:08 PM

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