UPDATE: Indoor Sports Centre to accommodate Grand Gala overflow Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

Scores of ticket holders who turned up to watch the Independence Grand Gala at the National Stadium in Kingston were left disappointed Saturday as they found themselves outside the venue and being told no one else was being admitted.

Still determined to witness the activities, many stood outside the gates of the venue for up to an hour after being told the stadium was at capacity.

Eventually, it was announced that the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission made accommodations for those who did not make it into the National Stadium to watch the proceedings inside the National Indoor Sports Centre.

One ticket holder, who said he was looking forward to seeing the activities live, was not too enthused about watching the Independence Grand Gala on a big screen. However, others made their way to the National Indoor Sports Centre.

Approximately 30,000 spectators had been expected to attend the event, which is part of Jamaica’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations. With scores of ticket holders left outside the venue, some people questioned whether people who did not have tickets gained entry to the venue.