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The scene of the operation at the Qahal Yahweh Church in Montego Bay, St James on Friday morning.

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Some adults were reportedly taken from the compound of the Qahal Yahweh Church in Montego Bay, St James during a police operation there on Friday morning.

It is not clear at present why the church members were removed from the premises.

Earlier this month, 23 children and a few adults were taken from the same property. The Child Protection and Family Services Agency (CPFSA) was among the multi-government agencies, including the St James Fire Department, the St James Municipal Corporation, the Ministry of Education and Youth, the Children’s Advocate and others, which were involved in that operation.

Reports are that the operation was prompted, and the children removed from the premises, following allegations of breaches under the Child Care and Protection Act at the church.

Some of the children are said to have been forced into intimacy under the guise of being married at the age of 16 years by persons who are not certified marriage officers.

The children, who were said to have lived in an unfavourable communal setting on the church compound with adults, were reportedly denied formal education, are not immunised as required for children generally, and are also said to have been disciplined in inhumane ways.

The children were reportedly taken before the Family Court in Montego Bay.

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