UWI-SRC Registered a Magnitude 6.1 Earthquake

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The content originally appeared on: ZIZ Broadcasting Corporation

The UWI-SRC registered a magnitude 6.1 earthquake today at 7:23 am located 53km W of Guadeloupe and at a depth of 177.3km. It was felt as far north in Anguilla and as far south as Saint Lucia.

We have not observed more activity in the region but from time to time we record moderate-size (less than magnitude 6.0) earthquakes. Annually, the Centre records 3000 earthquakes across the region. When considering a statistically significant time period, the seismicity has remained constant.

The Eastern Caribbean is an active seismic zone and is driven by the subduction of the North American plate below the Caribbean plate. We record moderate-size earthquakes along with larger events annually and the Centre has always advocated the need to be prepared for large-size earthquakes.

Be prepared for any earthquake event. Have emergency plans and kits in place and ensure homes and businesses are earthquake safe. Practice earthquake drills at home, school and work. During an earthquake, stay calm. Drop, cover and hold on. Do not use elevators and stairs. If outdoors, remain outdoors. Exit buildings once the shaking stops, do not re-enter if compromised. Listen to official government agencies and follow the guidelines from the UWI Seismic Research Centre. More safety information can be found here: https://uwiseismic.com/earthquakes/preparedness/

After the shaking go to www.uwiseismic.com and complete the “Did you feel it” form (https://uwiseismic.com/connect/earthquake-feedback/). This will allow us to collect better information and improve our hazard maps.