Valiant and Skeng Entourage Gets Into Brawl At Concert

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Dancehall artist Valiant’s weekend continues to spiral, with him and Skeng appearing to fight at an event on Sunday night.

A video is being circulated on social media showing the moment a group of people, presumably members of their respective entourages, appeared to be pushing at each other in a packed venue. Skeng is seen wearing a white long-sleeve shirt and being held back as he pushes towards Valiant, who is also blocked by his security from getting to Skeng and his team members. Several people stand between both men and appear agitated at each other.

It’s unclear why the men are fighting, as they appear to have a good relationship otherwise. They have performed together and even made charitable donations last year, guided by Valiant’s manager, Romeich Major.

Some fans online speculated that the two artists were not, in fact, beefing, but it was one of Skeng’s men who appeared to have been Valiant’s target. The man in question is seen wearing a black and yellow patterned shirt, arguing and gesticulating with Valiant, while Skeng seems to be pulling him back.

In the meantime, another video shows Skeng being followed by his entourage and dozens of people as he exits the venue. The artist also seemingly removes a mic from the venue and has a message for the event organizers.

“Unnu nah get it back. A baaay! Such yuh mada,” the artist said while speaking into the mic as he exited the venue.

The men attended an event in St. Thomas. Valiant has not addressed the incident. However, he posted updates of him performing his track “Lumbah” featuring Stalk Ashley, who appeared on stage with him.

The incident with Skeng comes hours after Valiant reportedly had an accident in which Health Minister Dr. Christopher Tufton was hit off of his bicycle while riding in St. Andrew. The Minister reportedly broke one of his wrists. However, he shared an update that he was fine and that Valiant visited him in the hospital, noting that the accident could have been worse. The artist responded by rushing him to the hospital for medical treatment.

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