Valiant denies being arrested, admits to paying traffic tickets Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

Dancehall artiste Valiant has confirmed that he has paid outstanding traffic tickets that were overdue.

The artiste, whose real name is Raheem Bowes, went live on Instagram on Tuesday, following a media report that he was arrested on a warrant for the outstanding tickets.

The artiste had denied being arrested. 

“Kmt bredda, me inna me bed a watch Games of Throne…” the ‘Bubble Gum’ artiste initially commented on the story which was posted on Instagram.

The comment has since been deleted. 

The television station then posted a video without no audio, which showed Valiant leaving what appeared to be a traffic court building after reportedly paying the fine.

In an expletive-laden explanation on the matter, Valiant admitted to paying to the traffic tickets. 

“Mi just go pay mi ticket dem ’cause dem did like overdue ’cause… when yuh nuh pay yuh ticket fi over a certain time, dem send out a warrant fi unuh, but mi nuh know how people video people fi dat,” the artiste lamented.

“Mi just deh inna me bed and a pure … problem,” he said while laughing.

Valiant had assisted Health and Wellness Minister, Dr Christopher Tufton, to the University Hospital of the West Indies (UHWI) following a crash in St Andrew on Sunday morning while he (Tufton) was out cycling.

In a social media post, Tufton said the incident involved Valiant, who took him to the hospital after he was hit off his bicycle by a motor vehicle.

Speaking further on his Instagram live, Valiant thanked persons for their continued support of his music.

“As mi haffi say, everybody say mi inna (jail) cell; nuh wish nuh cell pon mi yuh zimie, unless me rich fi have bed inna cell,” he stated.

The artiste continued: “As mi a say dawg, a just one little traffic ting and unuh haffi pay it. 

“Anybody weh have traffic ticket ago dweet, because dem a go come a unuh yard. Yow me see dem a me yard gate, dem knock pon mi door, everything,” Valiant informed.

The ‘Mad Out’ deejay did not say who, specifically, knocked on his door. 

He appealed to his fans to pay any outstanding traffic tickets they may have, because if they don’t, it would be “big, big stress”. 

Valiant shot to stardom in 2022 after his slang ‘kotch eh hat’ went viral. Since then, he has signed corporate deals, released a mix tape called ‘4:14’ and is fast climbing the ladder to becoming a heavyweight in the music industry.

Among his hit tunes are ‘Speed Off’, ‘Lumbah’, ‘Expensive’, ‘Siance’, and ‘Barbies’.