Valiant Visits Minister of Health Dr. Chris Tufton In Hospital After Bicycle Accident

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Dr. Christopher Tufton in the hospital with Valiant

Jamaican Health Minister Christopher Tufton was rushed to hospital on Sunday morning after being injured in an accident while cycling in the city.

The politician, who is well-known for promoting physical activity and having a passion for cycling, received much support from friends and followers on social media after news spread that he was struck by a famous artist and had suffered a severe bodily injury.

Details provided by the Observer are that Tufton was reportedly cycling along Charlemont Avenue in St Andrew when he was struck by a motor vehicle. Tufton later confirmed that the car was driven by dancehall artist Valiant, who also immediately assisted him to the hospital for medical treatment.

Although Tufton had on his protective gear, it’s understood that he broke one of his wrists.

He shared a photo of himself in the hospital with Valiant by his side, holding one of his hands. The Minister’s left hand appeared in bandages, while his right hand had medical instruments connected to it. The Minister also had a bandage on his forehead, possibly from falling.

“Well this Sunday wasn’t planned! Took a fall this morning on my bicycle. Counting myself very lucky because it could have been worse!! Thanks to God and to all who have me in their prayers and sent messages,” the Minister wrote.

Dr. Christopher Tufton IG

He added, “Also, thanks to Valiant, who was involved, for rushing me to UHWI, and to the team of Doctors and Nurses who are currently attending to me.”

Tufton received many well wishes from his Instagram followers, including Prime Minister Andrew Holness. Many also commended Valiant for taking the Minister to get medical attention, while others suggested ways he could improve the local hospitals.

Valiant has not issued a statement on the incident, but sources say he was pleasant and helpful throughout the entire ordeal and was deeply concerned about the Health Minister’s well-being.

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