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Third hospitality employee to perish from vehicular collisions in just over 24 hours

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Fatal Crash On Flanker Main Road

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A female hotel worker died from injuries she sustained in a motor vehicle collision that involved two Toyota Coaster buses along the Flanker main road in St James on Sunday morning.

Another person was injured during the crash and rushed to hospital.

Preliminary reports are that shortly after 9am, two Coaster buses were travelling in the opposite direction along the Flanker main road when they collided.

Two persons were injured in the crash, and were taken to hospital, where the female was pronounced dead.

She became the third hotel worker to die from motor vehicle crashes in just over 24 hours.

Two male hospitality workers died from a motor vehicle crash on the Rio Bueno bypass road in Trelawny on Saturday morning.

They are Reece Anderson and Mikel Thompson.

Reports are that a Toyota Coaster bus was transporting staff to a popular hotel in the parish of Trelawny, when it collided with a truck on the Rio Bueno bypass. The truck had been parked on the left soft shoulder of the roadway.

This followed another recent fatal collision that involved a Coaster bus transporting hotel workers, which crashed in Braco, Trelawny. One hotel worker from that crash.

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