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The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News
Kadeem Rodgers

Chef Oji Jaja was, for a moment the sous chef for tourism minister Ed Bartlett.

For the launch of the Jamaica Food and Drink Festival (JFDF), an intimate gathering of sponsors, partners and foodies gathered at 24 Barbican Drive for the seventh staging of the annual gastronomic fair.

Formalities aside, polenta with a smoked marlin parmesan buerre rouge was on the menu and before long, tourism minister Ed Bartlett was at the reins whipping up helpings of the appetiser, created by top chef Oji Jaja.

Patrons of the annual foodie are in for more than a treat, but a series of foodie pop-ups and events around Kingston.

Stay tuned for a full breakdown of the event and more updates about the festival.

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