Visionary leadership propels Camera Tech Source to new heights Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

In the realm of business, adaptability remains the linchpin for sustained relevance, and Camera Tech Source (CTS) has adeptly discovered the formula for both maintaining its significance and augmenting its market value.

The company has added studio and production space that it says will provide local creatives with the facilities, equipment and technical assistance to improve their offerings in an industry that also needs more structure and growth.

CTS is known for the procurement and repair of videography and photography equipment. Its expansion represents a shift to value-added services.

“We have a dedicated editing room. I don’t think any other entity in Jamaica has a space like this where, maybe, if your system crashed or you don’t have a system, and you want to edit your work, you can book the space and come do your work from here,” CEO of CTS, Jermaine Newman told Loop News.

In addition: “If you need people to help bring your vision to light, we have forged partnerships with creatives who are already established in the industry. We will make the connections for you,” he said adding the company can also now build out sets for creatives to host their various productions.

“We are taking the studio from a different angle in terms of offering value with daily or hourly rental along with subscriptions,” he said.

During the September 28 launch of the 1800 square feet, CTS Studio, Gillian Wilkinson McDaniel, Principal Director of the Entertainment Policy Development and Monitoring Branch at the Ministry, underscored the critical role of creative spaces like CTS Studio in driving progress.

“We live in an era where creativity is the currency of progress,” stated Mrs. McDaniel. “Therefore, creative spaces such as these are where ideas are born, nurtured, and brought to life.

The establishment of CTS Studios is pivotal in nurturing the creativity of entertainment, culture, and creative practitioners, and it acts as a bridge where diverse talents and disciplines converge, sparking a dynamic exchange of ideas and project implementation, she noted.

The company is also intent on fostering a supportive community of like-minded individuals with activities geared at fostering networking and collaboration opportunities, also in the pipeline.

“It’s a dynamic space designed to seamlessly host live events, recording sessions, podcasts, and much more,” Chief Operations Officer, Sherika Johnson said via the company’s media release.

Training courses to help develop the skills of those who are in, or desire to enter the fields of editing, filmmaking, gaffers or other areas, will also be added in October, he said.

“We have an underserved industry. It needs more structure,” he said pointing to anecdotes from his customer base of over 2000.

“We have heard from a lot of people who say they want to see more structure and have more spaces that they can use to create as well as access to gear,” he said.

The growth of Jamaica necessitates investment in these areas, he reasoned.

Newman’s trajectory in entrepreneurship began when he quit his 9-5 and started offering photography and videography services. He then began to supply others with extra gear he would buy for himself then decided to make a go of it, beginning with selling from the trunk of his car.

“I just tested the market and they [the items] sold in no time. I just listened to what they [clients] wanted I kept getting more and more products… and developed my clientele,” he said of the growth of his business.