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Jamaican art hits the world stage recently as an international award was presented to the Wattle and Red Earth (WARE) Collective for its innovative concept of an ‘open-air living museum’ in St Elizabeth.

The Ilucidare Challenge 2022 Award, funded under a European Union grant programme, was presented to WARE Collective Executive Officer Georgia Love, at a ceremony in Brussels, Belgium.

According to Love, there was a call for entries and WARE Collective submitted a 10-page proposal of an open-air museum in Jamaica as a heritage-led innovation.

She said such a museum concept is new to the Caribbean region, but something that’s quite popular in Europe and the Americas.

“This project is visionary in our regional context,” Love shared, who also shared that winning the challenge provides visibility for the Jamaican project, in a space with international researchers, academics and, to some degree, funders.

“Ilucidare is a consortium of heritage professionals who want to promote heritage as an important driver for responding to contemporary needs. Although the group is Europe-focused, it used activities like the challenge to broaden international connections…” she added.

Last year the WARE Collective raised funds from an online art auction featuring over 100 masterpieces from leading Jamaican and Caribbean artists.

The funds raised will be used to restore and reassemble a Spanish Wall building that will be the first building for the living museum.

Love said the reassembly of the house is set to begin in June or July this year in Southfield, St Elizabeth.

“We are picking up the pace. Once the building is reassembled we will shift gears to make the living museum operational. Until then, the WARE Collective’s heritage education programme continues [operation] with support from the CB Facey Foundation which is the main funder for this year’s Arts and Heritage Summer Camp”.

“We are excited for the children to see some of the reassembly processes. The camp teaches children, ages 7 to 11, about traditional building methods and crafts distinctive to St Elizabeth and Jamaica. The summer camp also emphasises literacy and intangible cultural practices, including storytelling,” Love mentioned.

For more information on the WARE Collective, check out their website or shoot the collective an e-mail at [email protected]

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