Warmington tells Hylton he is ‘only fit for Riverton City dump’ Loop Jamaica

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Member of Parliament (MP) for St Catherine South West, the Jamaica Labour Party’s (JLP) Everald Warmington, has for the second time in a year, referred to his Opposition counterpart, Anthony Hylton, as a “quashie lawyer”.

Warmington did so during Wednesday’s sitting of the House of Representatives, but this time he also told Hylton, the MP for St Andrew Western, that “the only place you fit for is Riverton City, the dump”.

The main national landfill or dump is located at Riverton City in Hylton’s constituency.

The latest verbal onslaught was in response to an off-mic comment Hylton made as Warmington, who arrived late to the sitting, defended his record of punctuality as he explained his reason for being late on that occasion.

Earlier, House Speaker Marisa Dalrymple-Philibert lashed out at MPs over what she perceived to be their indifferent attitudes towards Parliament, as with the clock approaching 2:20 pm, the House lacked the required quorum of 16 members to be properly convened.

Dalrymple-Philibert said the situation was an “embarrassment” for the highest court of the land, with the MP for Central Kingston, Donovan Williams, arriving just seconds before the sitting would have been called off.

Among other things, ‘quashie’ is described as “an unsophisticated or gullible male black peasant”.

As he responded to Hylton, Warmington shouted, “Don’t you ever dare do that again!

“”Anybody can say that except a quashie lawyer, so don’t you do that again,” he added while ignoring the speaker’s attempts to calm him.

Warmington, who is infamous for his crude remarks and uncouth behaviour, appeared more incensed when Hyltyon, with a wry smile, followed by a frown, waved off the ‘quashie’ comments , which he has apparently gotten accustomed to.

Anthony Hylton (file photo)

“The only place you fit for is Riverton City, the dump, so don’t you ever do that…. disrespectful and rude!” said Warmington as he continued the verbal assault.

Of note is the fact that Wednesday’s attack on Hylton by Warmington came almost one year to the date when he referred to him as a quashie lawyer in the constituency debates which are once more under way.

On that occasion, Warmington told Deputy House Speaker, Juliet Holness, that he would not withdraw the remark unless Hylton provided proof of a single case that he had won in the courts.

Hylton obliged and did so the following week when he referenced the landmark case of Shanique Myrie vs the Government of Barbados, which was heard before the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ).

In upbraiding Warmington on that occasion, Holness agreed with Hylton that it was not the first time she had heard Warmington make the statement, but said it was the first time he had done so while she sat in the speaker’s chair and, as such, she felt she had to address the matter.

Juliet Holness

“Whether or not you feel it is offensive or insulting language does not necessarily prevent such a statement from being at the very least, inappropriate,” Holness said then as she charged members to show respect for each other.

On Wednesday there was no such dressing down by Dalyrymple-Philibert, and Warmington, who is Minister without Portfolio in the Ministry of Economic Growth and Job Creation, has often been cheered on by his Government colleagues, with some seeming to find his behaviour funny.