WATCH: ‘2023 is the year for public order’, Holness warns Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

In declaring that 2023 is the year for public order in Jamaica, Prime Minister Andrew Holness has issued a warning for motorcyclists to desist from driving recklessly, as stiffer penalties will be enforced on them under the new Road Traffic Act.

The new law is to come into effect on February 1.

“I can’t but give warning, because when the measures start to take effect, I don’t want to hear anyone coming to say wi fighting against poor people because only bike dem can afford, and wi a fight against small man…,” Holness indicated.

That kind of mentality, he said, cannot be tolerated any longer, as apart from loss of lives, such carelessness and reckless puts pressure on the nation’s health system.

Holness, while speaking at the official opening of a new fire station in Port Maria, St Mary last week, urged the motorcycles to follow the rules of the road.

He pointed to the African country of Rwanda, where he said motorcycles are driven safely and without the noise nuisance as in Jamaica.

In recent years, there have been repeated calls from political representatives and other citizens for greater enforcement of the law relative to noisy motorcycles, as well as for motorcyclists to desist from driving recklessly.

According to Holness, “the society is not prepared to tolerate that anymore”.

He added that “Public order will be the name of the game for 2023”.

Watch Holness’ address as he warned motorists, especially motorcyclists, to get in line before the implementation of the New Road Traffic Act next month.