WATCH: Golding says PNP will bring back ‘governance of integrity’ Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

Should the People’s National Party (PNP) form the next Government, one of its main focus will be to bring “governance of integrity back to Jamaica”, the party’s President, Mark Golding, has said.

The declaration was made while he addressed the PNP’s Manchester town hall meeting at Manchester High School in Mandeville on Thursday, where he also revealed that the party is moving to fill candidate vacancies ahead of the next general elections which could be called within the next three years or earlier.

Before the announcement, the Opposition leader said the PNP will not be focused on public relations, gimmicks and “denigrating its opponents”.

Instead, Golding said great focus will be placed on real issues that are holding back Jamaica’s development and the “prosperity of our people”.

He said among those issues are crime and education.

In true political style, Golding went after the Andrew Holness Administration, focusing on the perceived level of corruption, especially at the Ministry of Education and several of its relevant entities or agencies.

“We must put an end to these things. We must bring governance with integrity back to Jamaica…,” declared the PNP president.

Turning to party matters, Golding urged constituents without PNP standard bearers to be patient, as the party intends to have all of its candidates in place at the constituency level by next year.

He admitted that emphasis was being placed on ensuring that the party’s candidates are in place at the divisional level for the pending Local Government Elections, which are due by February 2023.

“We don’t know whether the Government is going to call the Local Government Election or not. It is due, but they may come back and extend it again. We don’t know,” said Golding.

“We have taken the decision that we are now going to move towards identifying our constituency candidates, because we are now in the third year of this Government since the last election. We must be ready!

“So, South Manchester, we are going to be looking for somebody. Central Manchester, as well,” stated the PNP president.

He added that “we have expressions of interest from very talented people, some very reputable people, and persons who will be very good standard bearers for the People’s National Party.”