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Cops investigate altercation in St Thomas captured in video

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The police in St Thomas are now probing an altercation that was captured on a now-viral video, in which a man, clad in a green shirt, is seen pulling a firearm on another man, seemingly clad in an orange shirt, during a tussle.

The incident is said to have occurred on Monday while the firearm holder was conducting business in the Morant Bay area of the parish.

According to usually reliable Loop News sources, the firearm holder is said to be a former councillor.

The video of the incident shows a man, said to be a former councillor, sitting in a van when he’s approached by another man.

A few minutes later, both men were seen trading blows. Things escalated, and another man is seen entering the frame as the man wearing a green shirt pulled a firearm.

The tussle continued with the other men before the clip of the video ends.

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