WATCH: Mentally challenged man likely foiled bank robbery with ‘bluff’ | Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News | Loop News

A mentally challenged man seemed to have likely foiled a bank robbery in St James on Friday by pointing a piece of water hose and barking out gunshot sounds and chasing off five armed would-be-robbers.

Reports are that five men brandishing guns, including an assault rifle, alighted from a car that was driven to a People’s Cooperative (PC) bank in Summer Hill in the parish.

In a video of the incident, the intended robbers are seen holding a female security guard at gunpoint at the entrance of the facility, before barging inside the building.

Shortly after, a member of the group exited the building toting the rifle and headed towards the road, where he appeared to be firing gunshots.

But soon after, he along with his cronies were seen making a hasty retreat to their vehicle, ostensibly after being challenged by the mentally challenged man armed with a piece of water hose.

See the video below for the details.